DigiTALKS: The online conference 

Topic: Online Shop Optimization

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The Agenda:

I. Welcome - A short intro
with your host Lucinda Browne from Trusted Shops

II. Live Conversion Check of Real Online Shops
with Veronika Kaioukova from Trusted Shops

III. 10 Quick Wins for Your Online Shop
with Alex Breitenbach from Ryte

IV. More Trust, More Conversions
with Alon Eisenberg from Trusted Shops

V. 3 Tips for Data Analysis of Online Shops - What to Find in Google's New Analytics 4
with Arjan ter Huurne from Maxlead

*Note: All speeches were held in English

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Optimizing your online shop: Turning visitors into customers

Is there such a thing as the perfect online shop? Whether you believe in one or not, there are always things you can do to optimize your online shop and boost those conversion rates. 

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